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Play Domino, Talk Prostate Event Summary

The ‘Play Domino, Talk Prostate’ event took place at Moat Community College on Saturday 10 March 2018 in collaboration with the Centre, Prostate Cancer UK and PROSTaid.

The event which was organised by Pamela Campbell-Morris aimed at raising the awareness of prostate cancer among African Caribbean men and supporting those diagnosed with the condition, was attended by over 70 men, women and children.

Latest figures from Prostate Cancer UK revealed that in the UK, 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, however, this is double for black men who have 1 in 4 chance of being diagnosed in their lifetime.

Sue Boyes, from Prostate Cancer UK said, “Prostate Cancer UK is delighted to be involved in this joint initiative with PROSTaid and the Centre for BME Health in creating the Play Domino, Talk Prostate club for Black and African Caribbean men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer.”

Play Domino, Talk Prostate is a fantastic way of reaching and supporting these men. We hope that the launch event will now encourage more men living with a diagnosis to join the club.











The event featured hot Caribbean food, music and also an opportunity to ask questions with specialist speakers such as Professor Julian Barwell, Clinical Geneticist at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust and Joanne Wortley, Clinical Nurse Specialist, as well as the chance to play with specially printed sets of dominoes.

Professor Julian Barwell, spoke of the event “The energy and vibe was very positive…..We talked to a number of men about prostate cancer and family history of cancer. We may well have identified our first patient for genomics and were extremely satisfied with the event.”

Professor Julian Barwell, also spoke of the five big risks in this population: 1 in 2 are at risk of high blood pressure, 1 in 3 a stroke, 1 in 4 prostate cancer, and 1 in 5 diabetes.

The event highlighted the need for men aged 45 and over particularly those from the Afro-Caribbean community to get checked out because of it’s “silent symptoms”.








In the run up to the event, Pamela Campbell-Morris had been busy promoting the event and was featured on the Ben Jackson Show, BBC Radio Leicester 13 February and again on Ady Dayman’s Show 05 March 2018.

The event was also featured on Central ITV News at 6pm later that day which can be viewed here

Sylvester Constant who was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer said “I’d never think I’d get it, because I am big strong and everything you know, it will never happen to me, but you know when it happens to be honest it’s a bit of a shock and if you leave it till it’s too late when it goes into your lymph glands and into your bones you’re finished.”

Following the event, a number of really positive comments were received from those who attended, which included:

I loved how informal the event was whilst delivering a serious message, the questions were very relevant and a lot of us can relate to how doctors respond, awareness, education, and awareness is important – please, please more of this and lot more people to be reached, and the food goes a long way. It was fun. Thanks.


I heard Pamela on the radio and it was as if she was speaking to me directly, I had to come along, what a fantastic engaging and informative event – need more of this.


Simple when is the next one?? This is what is needed.




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