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Health campaigner Pamela promotes #PlayDominoTalkProstate

Our campaign #PlayDominoTalkProstate has once again hit the airwaves of BBC Radio Leicester as we continue to raise vital awareness of prostate cancer.

Pamela Campbell-Morris, a Project Assistant and Community Champion at the Centre for BME Health, spoke on the station on Friday, January 11, urging men to get themselves checked out instead of waiting for the symptoms. She also recruited BBC Radio Leicester presenter Herdle White as a campaign champion.

The campaign is aimed at Afro-Caribbean men, a high-risk group. Last March we worked with Prostaid and Prostate Cancer UK to stage the Play Domino, Talk Prostate event in Leicester and in the following month Pamela gained support for the campaign from Leicester South MP Jon Ashworth.

Pamela has previously said: “We know that Afro-Caribbean men engage very well through dominoes, it’s a cultural thing. People talk about those hard-to-reach groups, I know with Afro-Caribbean men, one way of engaging is through dominoes.”

Those at greatest risk are 45 and over and, or, with a father or brother who have had it. Pamela added: “Most men with early prostate cancer have no symptoms at all, the symptoms can be silent. Don’t wait for symptoms, please, please go and have yourself checked.”

Figures from Prostate Cancer UK revealed there were 11,819 deaths from prostate cancer in 2015 compared with 11,442 from breast cancer. This is the first time in the UK that male deaths from the disease have overtaken female deaths from breast cancer.

Recording from BBC Radio Leicester:


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