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Final event inspired action on physical activity

Pledges to improve physical activity were made at an event marking the finale of a Leicestershire campaign to help people from minority ethnic communities avoid Type 2 diabetes.

The ‘Live Healthier, Stay Healthier’ event took place on Saturday, March 18, and was the culmination of a six-month programme of activities called Raising Awareness and prevention of Type 2 Diabetes (RADIATE).

The fitness sessions – with some delivered by former boxer Rendall Munroe – and healthy eating workshops were staged in a bid to help prevent people from developing the serious condition which can lead to devastating complications.

The final event was staged at Moat College, Maidstone Road, Leicester, and people who attended were tasked with making pledges based on the national guideline that adults should be active for at least 150 minutes per week.

The pledged included:

  • “Sit less during the day. Take active breaks every 50 min – 15 min standing/walking/moving/exercise.”
  • “To be active at least two hours a day.”
  • “To walk every day at least ten minutes, cut down sugar and salt.”
  • “To be active 30 minutes each day.”
  • “Do most of my work standing.”
  • “Join the gym and stick to it.”
  • “Try standing up every hour whilst at work next week.”
  • “Be active at least two hours a day”

The events took place in community settings such as Highfields Community Centre, African Caribbean Centre and BYCS Action Resource Centre. They covered a range of information and skills and were delivered by professional, lead researchers and community champions.

The Centre for Black and Minority Ethnic Health East Midlands is working to reduce health inequality in the region by sharing resources and promoting research.

CLAHRC East Midlands is a partnership of regional health services, universities and industry which turns research into cost-saving and high-quality care through cutting-edge innovation.

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