Why is there a need for the Centre?

The East Midlands covers a large area and there are significant differences in the demography of the region. This is not just a question of a rural/urban divide. Ethnic diversity is particularly strong with major BME communities predominantly in city areas, but increasing numbers can be found in the county shires. There are major health issues within all BME communities in the East Midlands, but crucially, there are significant disparities in health equalities. There is a higher prevalence of certain illnesses within specific communities and there are major concerns regarding access to healthcare.

The Centre primarily focuses on addressing such inequalities. It will do so, first and foremost, by involving communities in a meaningful fashion, so that people’s voices and their opinions are not only heard but also form the basis of solutions. The Centre is also a unique one that brings together researchers, health and social care practitioners and community members; uniting members with the same purpose.